Loose hair, butterfly eyes, and bluish traits are some of the must-try looks for 2016. But where can you find the fierce, trendsetting, bold influencers that you should be keeping an eye on in 2016? Instagram!

What does Instagram have to offer? It’s an ideal source of inspiration and a perfect platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their artistry widely. The beauty gurus on Instagram know just what you should have known yesterday and are busy showing off their skills in nail art, makeup, trending beard styles and different hairstyles.

We’ve collected the most jaw-dropping Instagram hotshots who are changing the beauty game for all of you beauty industry peeps out there – here are our 5 of the best accounts to follow.

1. The Nomad Barber (12k followers)

An independent online web-series that documents a barber who travels the globe to learn more about the barber trade. Award-winning Miguel Gutierrez, aka The Nomad Barber, has worked with some of the top hairdressers in the industry on photo shoots and fashion shows. With more than 80,000 subscribes to his YouTube channel, this entrepreneur is a force to be reckoned with.

Bleach London
London’s finest: Bleach London.

2. Bleach London (253k followers)

London’s most colourful hair salon that uses all the colours of the rainbow in their designs. BL’s client list includes trendsetting celebrities such as M.I.A., and Ellie Goulding.

3. Tropical Popical (16,2k followers)

Tropical scenes with a soundtrack of pop and a love affair with Dublin. All in flashy fashion; colourful nails and more than a dash of kitsch. This up and comer recently debut on Ellen DeGeneres show and is a promising salon to keep an eye on.

Urban Beardsman’s perfect Instagram feed will never disappoint you.

4. Urban Beardsman (12k followers)

A feed dedicated to the urban man and the bearded lifestyle. UB’s brainchild Eric Bandholz was featured in the New York Times discussing the term “urban beardsman” and his ‘brethren of bearded renaissance men’ – a must-follow for all beard-aficionados out there.

5. Hairromance (56,9k followers)

An account that’s all about loving your best accessory: your hair. Providing daily hair inspo with tutorials, tips, tricks and beauty advice to promote the love of hair. With 40k Pinterest-followers and more than 250,000 unique visitors monthly on it’s beauty blog – this account is the ultimate guide to all things associated with hair.

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