Did you know that we spend at least a year of our lives standing in queues? Turn these mundane moments into something positive! Here are five hacks that’ll give you more business and happier customers.

1. Activate your customers

Why do you think there are adverts next to many escalators? Or thousands of TV screens at the airport? Keep your customers busy with magazines, free food samples or entertaining signs while they’re waiting to order.

Try adding engaging information about your menu – why not create a story on a chalkboard about how your vegetables are harvested or how they make the journey all the way to your kitchen?

Why not charm your customers with a nostalgic neverending playlist?

2. Let your customers pre-order

Remember our story about the coffee shop innovator Deniz Turan and her business Caffeine Bank? Deniz took orders through Whatsapp. If that doesn’t feel like you – take orders over the phone and impress your customers with shorter queue times.

3. Plan ahead!

As an iZettle customer, you know exactly when your peak hours occur and what types of orders are most common. Staff up for that time period (probably around lunch?) and make as many preparations as possible for your most frequent orders.

Kill the queue blues with free samples and fun posters.

4. Show the estimated wait time

Customers hate queuing because of the uncertainty. Put up a sign stating the expected wait time – and be honest about it. Better to announce that they’ll have to wait for another five minutes and then surprise them by serving them in three.

How do you manage the queue in your restaurant or outside your food stand? Drop us an email and let us know your best hacks, we’d love to run a follow-up article on your awesome tactics – as well as what didn’t work at all.