December is the time to show customers what you’re capable of creatively and as a small business owner, you’re at an advantage. Stock up on Christmas spirit, read our tips for boosting seasonal sales and you’ll be celebrating well into the new year.

1. Make advent calendars cool again

A Christmas countdown calendar is gamification at its best. You can create an advent calendar for your shop and pick a new item to discount each day, peaking interest and keeping customers coming back on the hunt for gifts at a bargain price. It’s a great excuse for you to send a few extra newsletters and social media updates all through December, and it’s a great way to keep your shop full of festive cheer.

Pick a new item each day that’s heavily discounted.

Nope, you’re not John Lewis, you decide yourself what Christmas vibe you want in your shop!

2. Wrap it up

Everyone loves a beautifully-wrapped Christmas present, so why not become the wrapping wizard on your street? Hire a professional gift wrapper for a day or two and let customers enjoy the service for free, then ask your staff to continue with what they’ve seen for the rest of December. Invest in some stylish wrapping paper and distinctive ribbons and you’ll have people queuing up for the must-have gifts of the season.  

3. Contextualise

When the last minute rush kicks in and you’re scrambling to find something for Aunt Susan with panic in your eyes and sweat on your neck, a good gift display can be a godsend. By contextualising your products, you can create clever displays for different categories, like “vinyl for Dad”, “toys for a 3-year-old”, or “grandma’s best books”. Use the pairings in photos and social media posts to communicate just how quick and easy it is to find stuff in your store.

Spark your customers’ Christmas presents ideas by contextualizing your items.

4. Round off for charity

Some global retailers do this, and so should you. Find a charity you love – if you haven’t already – and add a donate button to your point-of-sale system so your customers can round off. Ok, so it may not necessarily boost your own sales right at this moment, but it will definitely make your brand more likeable while making the world a slightly better place.

Get a magician for the kids or rent a unicorn suit to represent your own version of Christmas.

5. Encourage the unexpected

Shoppers and Instagrammers alike love it when things get weird, but you don’t have to hire a flash mob in order to enjoy a moment of fun. There are plenty of carol signers and specialist choirs out there that would love to spread the gospel in your store. Start your own Santa’s workshop, hire a magician for the kids or rent a reindeer suit to represent your own version of Christmas. You’re the boss.


Good luck on making the most of Christmas in your shop! Why don’t you snap a picture of your shop in December and send it to In the meantime, get some visual merchandising tips from our other article: Increase product sales by 50% (and 6 other tips for styling your shop)!