We’re getting closer to Christmas – here are some proven ideas to boost sales as a retailer. Implement – not tomorrow – but today!

The biggest shopping event of the year for retail is just around the corner and many store owners expect to earn more than 30 percent of their annual revenues within the next month. Take a deep breath, sit down and tweak – or develop – your Christmas campaign strategy. Here are 5 ideas to get you going: 

1. Craft gift guides

Your business ultimately exists because your products are solving a particular kind of problem. Christmas adds another problem to consumers – the need to find the ultimate gifts! Craft your offers as supporting gift guides – how are your products the perfect gifts and for whom?

Make it into bloggers’ gift lists or other sites where your consumers search for Christmas gift ideas.

Also, don’t forget that a growing number of consumers get inspiration from gift lists of credible bloggers and thought-leaders. Try to make it into those lists – contact the most relevant blogger yourself and send them freebies of your most gift-friendly items.

2. Feature stocking stuffers next to the counter

Remember that Christmas shoppers are impulsive and normally never only buys one gift. At this time of the year the chance to upsell without being pushy is greater than ever. Is someone just about to purchase pair of shoes from you? The same customer probably doesn’t mind adding a pair of socks or some shoe polish – in case he or she is exposed to it when queueing up. 

Some say giving really is better than receiving, we are willing to agree.

3. Speak to old customers

Play on the loyalty card! You know that they’ll be searching for Christmas gifts this year too – create an email campaign as a gift guide for your favorite customers (whose email addresses you’ve gathered during the year) and include a promo code. Make them feel special! The email marketing service MailChimp offers many great Christmas templates.

4. Gear up social

Create a vibrating mix for social media. Update cover photos and banners on your website. Would a funky video recorded in your store work? Well, record it today and share it tomorrow! Share gift tips and offers and spend some extra pounds on your posts – target well! 

5. Catch those last-minute-shoppers!

Schedule a particular newsletter campaign on the very last days prior to Christmas. Extend your hours to take some stress of the Christmas-busy customers. Ensure that you won’t run out of stock, take a look into your Point-of-Sale system to track last year’s sales numbers.

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