So, you’ve understood that food waste is an issue you have to deal with. Good. Now it’s time to walk the talk. We’ve put together a list of 7 easy ways to start dealing with food waste. Simple, effective and ready to be implemented today!

Use smaller plates

This might be obvious to most people, but using smaller plates allows for smaller portions and less waste.

Think about your grandmother

Would she throw away edible food? No, she would get a stew cooking, use the old bread for croutons, make a risotto, pie, soup or cook broth. Old fruit can become jam or juice. Plan your menu better – maybe you can use the leftovers from Monday’s lunch on Tuesday?

Say goodbye to trays

At buffets, trays let diners carry much more than they’ll actually eat. Just like yourself when you’re out eating at buffets. Studies in the US have shown that getting rid of trays in 500 schools reduced food waste with 25-30%. So, if you have a full buffet or maybe just a salad bar – get rid of the trays and we’ll bet you’ll end up throwing away a lot less food!

Use separate containers

Like we wrote in a previous blog post about getting started with minimizing your food waste, you could begin your journey by auditing your food waste situation for one month. Use separate containers for pre-cooking waste and consumer waste to see where the main problem lies.

Donate the food

Pre-consumer kitchen waste − from preparing the food – can sometimes be donated to charities and food banks. Check out what’s in your area and join local Facebook groups on the subject. The new app Olio allows you to connect with others on a free food market, so you can see who’s interested in your area.

Send it to the pigs

Pigs love food waste. Ask around and see if any pig’s farmer wants to pick it up.


If you’re an urban business and your landlord lacks the proper facilities, call your local authorities and see what the options are for composting. Increasingly, food waste is being used to produce bio-fuel. Maybe you can collaborate with others to turn your food waste into fresh energy? A true win-win-win!


If you have other good examples of how to reduce food waste, please tweet us @iZettleUK.