Added responsibilities, increased working hours and reduced sleep – running a business is stressful. We serve some wisdom to make you stress less in 2018!

11.7 million days! Yep, that’s the total number of working days lost due to work-related stress, anxiety and depression in 2016, according to the Health and Safety Executive. A depressing number that has been more or less unchanged over the past five years.

But why are we so stressed out today? Some blame lack of managerial support and tight deadlines. Others refer to weaker relationships and unrealistic expectations. Today’s connected society often means little privacy and expose us to all these unreal and successful images of friends on Facebook and Instagram. Who doesn’t find that stressful?!

11.7 million days go missing due to stress in the UK. That insane amount of time equals 427,000 average lifetimes.

Being your own boss it’s up to you to create and maintain a work atmosphere that’s comfortable for your employees or part-time workers. But before doing that – ensure you’re not suffering from ineffective stress issues yourself. Here are some hacks that’ll make your everyday life less busy!

Act smart(er)

Have you been running your salon for some time? Look into your sales reports and analytics from the iZettle app. Would it make more sense to reduce your opening hours and save some energy to put into the peaking customer hours? Schedule your Facebook posts for the week on Sunday afternoon. Subscribe keywords on Google Alerts to stay on top of trending topics without wasting time browsing the web.

Invest an hour on Sunday afternoon scheduling your social media posts for the week.


Would it make more sense to reduce your opening hours and save some energy to put into the peaking customer hours? 

Clean the clutter!

The more comfortable you are in an environment, the lower your stress levels are, according to several findings. To organize your shop or salon the way you want it automatically releases stress levels and makes your more focused and less stressed. So why don’t you finally clean that messy desk your customers never see, but stills bugs you every single day!

(Actually) outsource?

We assume that you’re quite an ambitious person, that’s probably why you’re an aspiring or existing salon owner. Most early entrepreneurs end up doing everything themselves – tight margins leave no other choice. But perhaps you can get a part-timer to categorize your supplier invoices? Keep in mind that time is money and remember that doing what you’re good at makes you happy and thus less stressed out.

Don’t forget to recover – plan some days of vacation after the most intense period of the year for your salon.

Plan for stress

If you know when you have busy periods coming up (and you do thanks to last year’s sales reports), go to bed an hour earlier during that period. Plan some days of vacation after the stress-intense period, to have something to look forward to where you’ll get the chance to recover.

Socialize (in real life)

The first year of running your own business can be lonely. Attend meetings, join clubs and make sure you’re satisfying your social side. Chatting with people online doesn’t replace actual conversations. Use time spent with friends and on meetups to ventilate your ideas and get feedback. Next week we’ll run a story of a seven coffee shop entrepreneurs in Edinburgh who teamed up and launched an exciting initiative supporting each other’s businesses, The Disloyal 7.

Doing what you’re good at makes you happy and thus less stressed out.

Meditate – and don’t be stupid

In today’s connected world where we constantly are exposed to different impressions – it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed. Meditation calms you down and makes it easier to focus at one thing at a time. It can thus be a good way to become more effective in your daily work as well as long-term planning. Dozen of different neuroscience studies have shown that bouncing around from task to task simply makes you a stupid person. Meditation can be the solution to destructive multitasking behavior. The result? Less stress and smarter and more competitive decisions.

Take control of your stress levels – first steps:

Let’s begin with a paus. Ask yourself how you’re feeling – in this very moment and over the last six months. What currently annoys you and inevitably adds a layer of stress on top of your head?

Break it down and create a list where you write down all stress-generating causes – separate them between things you can and can not control.

Now let’s focus on the ones within your control. Did you end writing a dozen points? Rank them after the “both-urgent-and-important” theory from Stephen R. Covey’s classic “7 habits of highly effective people”! Actually fixing that leaking pipe in the basement is probably more important and urgent than comparing supplier prices.

Create a goal for how to resolve each stress-source. Don’t forget to add a realistic timeline! Why not include a small reward when you’ve completed the task?

Bouncing around from task to task simply makes you a stupid person, multitask with care!

Turn off notifications

We’ve said it many times before. Avoid information overload! Turn off notifications on social media apps and email clients. Check them once or twice a day instead and don’t getting tired and stressed out by something that’s constantly requiring your attention.

Sleep in 2018

Running your own business is perhaps the most exhausting (but also rewarding) type of lifestyle there is. Lack of sleep releases stress hormones and despite many entrepreneurs arguing that the way to success is working more hours than the rest – rather listen to Adriana Huffington and her sleeping-your-way-to-success philosophy manifested in last year’s book “The Sleep Revolution”. To begin with, stay away from electronic devices at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Make sure that your bedroom is quiet, dark and cool!

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