Not that summer is over, but it’s definitely time to start focusing again and getting back to business. Do you feel that you’re lacking some inspiration? Well, here’s a kick in the butt and some business hacks to help you get a head start this autumn.

1. Not on Yelp yet? Well, Yelp is a goldmine for attracting customers so you NEED to make sure to be listed. Find out if people are already talking about you on Yelp. If so, you can claim your businesses. If not, you need to add your business on Yelp first.

2. You’ve probably heard that 80% of business comes from just 20% of customers. The starting point to getting loyal customers is to understand them and their needs. Make sure there’s an easy way for customers to provide feedback. You could encourage customers to submit their thoughts in a simple suggestion box (supply pens and paper) or to your email address (perhaps printed on their receipt). Remember – loyalty breeds business success.

Encourage your customers to provide feedback.

3. On the topic of loyalty, don’t forget what we spoke about in May – the human factor. Set yourself a goal of learning (and remembering) something about at least three of your regulars, each day this week.

4. Having the wrong pricing is one of the main reasons why small businesses fail. Do yourself a favor and review your prices. According to Andy Waugh of the successful restaurant The Wild Game Co, you want to aim at margins of at least 70%. But also: Benchmark against your competitors and make sure that your prices are aligned with what people are actually willing to pay. If you’re having trouble making ends meet – now is the time to do some testing. Most restaurant and café owners find it easier to decrease portion sizes than to increase prices.

Review your prices. And test, test, test!

5. Music doesn’t just set the right atmosphere. According to a survey by Heartbeats International, 50% of young people stay longer at restaurants or cafés if the music is good, and almost half (44%) head out the door if the music is bad. If finding the right music isn’t your thing – look for help, and check out this blog post from June.