Returning to work can be a drag and isn’t all that la-di-da, according to Auto Europe’s recent poll. British workers are left feeling blue and sluggish about returning to work after the holidays. But all work blahs and resolutions can wait: boosting your mojo is numero uno, here’s how to do it.

We’ve compiled 5 coping methods to get you back on track and to help you get over your blues:

1. Lazy bones boost your dopamine levels

Problem: The unfortunate holiday side effects have kicked in and the flashbacks from all that playful fun, lazy mode and eggnog-drinking you’ve been indulging in have left you in couch mode.

Treatment: Be a productive powerhouse through your tummy. The key hack to increase your level of motivation: Set in for a detox diet! Boost your system with brain food (even brain snacks!) and increase your dopamine levels. Binge on your Omega 3s and Vitamin Ds and you’ll do your brain a favour.

2. Don’t be SAD – think green

Problem: ‘Tis darker and the season for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a depression typically associated with the winter season.

Treatment: To beat SAD and the post-holiday blues, spend time outdoors in broad daylight. Surrounding yourself with a bit of green provides a boost in motivation, as revealed in a study by the University of Essex, which does wonders for your health. If it’s not green outside (yet), decorate your space with greenery.

3. Don’t cave in: socialise & network

Problem: Isolating yourself and succumbing to the blues won’t do you any good, being alone is a no-no.

Treatment: Attend a motivational event, even if it’s outside your area. Mingle, mingle, mingle, share insights with people in person and talk about your business. Exchanging business cards and networking will light a new fire and passion about your business.

4. Visualise the future

Problem: Stuck in a hard place and running dry on ideas? Need motivation?

Treatment: The impact of visualising success is mind-blowing and as it turns out, visualising a positive future will lead to making decisions in your life that will get you there. Set up clear and realistic goals, preferably on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you’ll see it everyday. And start working towards them.

5. De-cluttered space equals a de-cluttered mind

Problem: Feeling scatter-brained or overwhelmed? Sometimes it’s the physical cluttered environment that reflects the internal environment.

Treatment: It’s easier to focus in a tidy, clutter-free space than it is to work in a cluttered one full of distractions. Organise your working space and keep it simple.

3 apps to help you get focused again

Trello: Works as a digital whiteboard that helps visualise all your projects, to-do lists and organise your day-to-day tasks.
RescueTime: Helps you stay focused by showing how productive you are with your time.
Evernote: An app and computer software that lets you write down or record your ideas, whenever and wherever.