Yes, it’s true. According to a new poll: British women DO stay longer with their hairdressers than with their husbands. Surprised? Almost half the population admit their regular stylist knows too much about their lives. Here we reveal the secret to hairdressers’ magical loyalty concept.

Businesswise, the winter season could be a lucrative time for hairdressers, with all the holiday hairdos that need fixing. But it’s also the season when many customers are out of town. Are you predicting unwanted gaps and no-shows in your upcoming schedule?

According to Forbes magazine, you’re better off finding ways to keep frequent customers coming back than focusing too much on the no-shows. Nurture your customer loyalty and you’ll see how it boosts your business’ revenue.

So. The goal should be to get customers to come back time after time again through top-notch customer service and quality.

But how?

Be known for your fabulous talent and generosity. Your customers will never miss any appointments again.

Let’s get to it

For one, shrugging and saying ‘whatever’ when a no-show occurs will keep you in status quo. See it as a challenge: what can you actively do to change the situation? The trick here is to reward your customers in as many ways as possible. Be creative and generous.


Some tips to get you started:

  • Send a brief text message reminding the customer of the upcoming appointment. We’re all human. People tend to forget! A pleasant text will make them feel excited and welcomed.
  • Do the same whenever a no-show appears. Customers are less likely to no-show in the future if they feel they have a relationship with their service provider. Send out personalised thank you texts after appointments and include a discount on the next visit.
  • Many hairdressers find that loyalty cards work well. Give a free session after e.g. six visits.
  • Invite customers to events and consultations on hair treatment. Both fun, loyalty building, and gives you the chance to sell hair products.
  • Regularly email your customers an updated list of your current offers and treatments.
  • After you’ve done your magic and you’re at the counter with the client: Pick up the calendar and book the next appointment while you’re waiting for the card transaction to be processed.

So, will your clients stay longer with you than their partners?

Good luck!