When we think about London Fashion Week, the first thing that comes to mind is innovation. What’s new? What’s interesting? How are people doing their thing? But if wearable technology has been slow to permeate fashion circles until now, things are about to change.


Wearable breast pumps

In terms of tech, the most joyful addition to the runway this year has come from designer Marta Jakubowski, whose S/S ‘19 show included new mum and model Valeria Garcia walking the runway in a wearable breast pump from Elvie. The breast pump connects wirelessly to a smartphone so that tech-loving mothers can stay in control and step into a future that’s being designed with them in mind.


Model Valeria Garcia makes history as the first woman to wear a breast pump on the catwalk. Image: Getty Images

Virtual reality jackets

In 2016, designer Sadie Clayton had much of her collection stolen by an industry fraudster. This year, the London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency worked with “digital fashion designers” The Fabricant to recreate one of her stolen bomber jackets in virtual reality.

Each stitch and fold from the elaborately embroidered bomber was brought back to life using photo-real textures and then worn by a virtual reality model. More than any other garment at fashion week so far, this piece blurred the lines between fantasy, reality and technology, heralding a future of wearable tech for the virtual fashionistas of the future.  


Faster, smarter shopping

With all the glamour of runway shows, people sometimes forget that London Fashion Week is the ideal place for fashion designers to actually sell something too. And this year, tech took over.  

2018 marks the first year that The British Fashion Council supplied fashion brands at London Fashion Week Festival with iZettle mobile card readers, allowing designers to sell on the spot, allowing consumers to make the most of their wearable tech with tap-and-pay for a super-fast shopping experience.

Not only did the award-winning iZettle Reader make an elegant addition to the payment setup of LFW designers such as Katherine Hamnett and Mother of Pearl, but the move resulted in card sales at the festival reaching a record high, increasing 50% compared to the previous season.


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