Is your hair salon in desperate need of a 360º re-do? Remodel your salon DIY-style and discover that your business can bring an awe-inspiring and exciting experience for your clients in no time.

You might not judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to finding a salon – appearances are literally everything. The hard truth is that no matter how professional, your hairdressing; face masking; or acne removal skills will never be enough if you’re looking to attract new clients. If business is running dry – maybe you should consider redecorating your salon.

But don’t worry.

It doesn’t have to cost you. We’ve got some ideas of cheap and easy ways of how to redecorate your space and to create an environment that truly pops:

Initiate a monthly collab with local artists

…and turn your salon into an art gallery! As an extra bonus, you might even make some dosh by taking a commission on pieces that are sold.

Day Spa in Stockholm shows a perfect example of Swedish minimalism

Think Swedish minimalism

The secret is to welcome daylight. Make the best use of it by keeping your windows curtain-less and decorating your walls with as many mirrors as possible. The sun will bounce in all directions, providing a bright and uplifting environment.

Dig through your attic and find hidden gems

Add an old-school feel to your salon with items such as a rusty toolbox, some taxidermy details, old signs and machine parts.

Still need more inspiration? Try these design apps!

Home 3D
Visualize your dream salon and create virtual layouts right at your fingertips. Test what would work for your salon.

Interior design inspiration for all decor aficionados. The editorial staff at Houzz curates a massive collection of photos of all kinds of spaces and products. The app also has a directory of local designers, architects and contractors.

Colour Capture
Navy blue or mustard yellow? Find your favourite colour, add notes, dig into tons of information on paint and colours, and find the nearest retailer while you’re at it.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for next week, where we’ll reveal the best days to stay open in December in order to maximise your sales leading up to the holidays.