Getting started with email marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Regardless of whether you want to kick start a new campaign or tell the world about your new drink menu – sending out newsletters is a great way to stay in touch with your loyal customers. About to start sending out your first emails? Here are some pointers to help you on your way.

1. Email the right people

The secret to getting great results from your email marketing is making sure that your messages reach the right people. Blasting the same message to everyone at the same time will never work. Big companies invest heavily in analysis tools to achieve this, but you can do it too with free tools like MailChimp. Customers who signed up for your email newsletters most recently will be most likely to open, read and take action on your email. If you collect email addresses on paper, in your café for example, import them frequently into MailChimp so you know who’s fresh and who’s stale.

2. Reward your best customers

Another great way to segment your list is to send only to those who have opened one of your previous campaigns (you can do this with MailChimp too). Reserve your best special offers for these customers, as they have demonstrated that they are interested in hearing from you.

3. Give the people what they want

What emails do people actually enjoy reading? In our experience, discounts and offers are always welcome, and so are new product improvements. Perhaps you’re having a once-in-a-lifetime event with free food for all? Very well, then. Let people know!

4. Use your insights to create great content

Track and understand your sales patterns and trends. For example, merchants using iZettle can easily do this with the help of their free reports and sales statistics. Then, make sure you act on these insights. If you learn that your customers seem to go bananas for your triple fried chips on Saturday and Sunday mornings, perhaps send out a timely email the morning after the British Summer Time festival with an impossible-to-say-no-to 2 for 1 special? With some mouthwatering pics of course.

5. “Don’t open this email”

A last piece of advice. Choose a catchy subject line. Can’t think of one? Get inspired! Here are 18 of the best email subject lines you’ve ever read.