There’s something about baristas. Admit it, you’ve had a coffee-stained crush yourself once or twice. But what exactly is it that makes the coffee-maker so attractive?

Being greeted every morning with your daily fix and a beautiful smile may be all you need to start daydreaming. But is the love you feel for the barista reciprocal?

Sorry to say, but probably not.

1. The barista is a service professional

– It’s not that I’m being fake – I’m just a slightly nicer and friendlier version of myself, says Anna, long-time barista, bartender and fashion store sales attendant in Stockholm and London.

It’s great that the customer feels special. But while he has one encounter, I have 300 more when he walks out the door…

She sums it up quite well – a person working within any customer service industry is essentially getting paid to be equally nice to every single acquaintance. Many people tend to forget this and confuse great service with romantic interest.

– It’s great that the customer feels special, Anna says. But while he has one encounter, I have 300 more when he walks out the door.

“When is the right time to start sending someone digital receipts?”

2. We all love the nurturing attention

Humans are simple animals. We love feeling nurtured and attended to, and it’s no coincidence that service professions are considered the most romantically charged. But there also seems to be a clear gender gap at play.

A study by the dating auction website has listed the jobs that were most attractive among 5,000 UK members. The result is a sad cliché: while the most attractive male jobs are financial manager, software engineer (!), doctor, real estate developer and lawyer, the female list is equally more revealing when it comes to sexist structures.

The most attractive profession for women is “student” – which is not even a job. Runner-up is nurse, and then model, publicist (wow) and beauty therapist. And the barista is not far off.

3. There’s a sensual vibe

The barista’s allure is discussed on several parts of the web, and the reasons behind the café crushes vary. Some are thrilled by the strong, bare forearms – quite often enriched with awesome tattoos – conducting repetitive moves in a steaming environment, carrying the most enthralling scents through our nostrils.

4. The barista is a perfect partner

Some even claim the barista is exquisite dating material. A great listener, constantly curious, paying attention to detail and stable under pressure in a stressful situation while doing some impressive multitasking. If this is the first person you meet at 8 am each morning, it’s no wonder there’s a certain dreamlike aura to the profession.

But a good café also has the kind of friendly, safe and relaxing vibe that opens the customer’s heart and mind.

– Of course, there is something with meeting the same person every morning, Anna says. It’s like we’re sharing a piece of the everyday life. I can definitely see why people fall in love with the barista.

5. It’s all about the drugs

Then again, maybe it’s all a case of falling in love with the dealer? No wonder we’re developing strong feelings for the person that fuels our strong caffeine addiction each morning.

No wonder we’re developing strong feelings for the person that fuels our strong caffeine addiction each morning.

But what about the situations where the barista actually knows my name and remembers my order before I even step up to the counter. Must be love, right?


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