Top food bloggers in major iZettle cities share their predictions for 2017 – here are their best tips to make the most out of them in your restaurant. Let’s go, Rebecca Brage at STOCKHOLMFOOD!

LAGUNITAS #IPA… A beer with a bite!

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1. Green & Organic – extend your hours

If you’re running a restaurant serving green, raw, vegetarian and vegan food – don’t be afraid of staying open longer! Today too many healthy-oriented restaurants close way too early, I want to be able to find great healthy-focused food also in the evenings.

2. Use storytelling

Chefs have become the new stars – showcase your chef and your servers, feature their passion. This can be a great way of adding authenticity, personality and differentiate your restaurant.

food stockholm izettle rebecca brage
Rebecca Brage is the passionate food blogger behind the account “STOCKHOLMFOOD” with 35,300 followers on Instagram. According to herself she’s dining out at least once a day, mostly three times.

3. Add alcohol-free alternatives

Too many menus lack great alternatives to alcoholic beverages I love kombucha and I have seen it being served at several spots in nice bottles with tasteful glasses– but never in Sweden.

4. Offer nice doggy bags

It’s (finally) becoming trendy to bring home your left-overs, make sure to offer nice doggy-bags. This is an effect of the reduce food waste-trend – while doggy bags are standard in the US. Take the opportunity to create your own unique doggy bag as a way of extending your brand experience.

High quality ingredients are key and well sought-after, says food blogger Rebecca Brage at STOCKHOLMFOOD.

5. Introduce “black bread” first

The new black – will be black bread! It’s is made out of vegetal charcoal and we’ll see burgers, tacos and sandwiches made with it. It’s healthy, it has a strong visual impact and it doesn’t taste strange at all. At least in Sweden, we have barely seen it, but for 2017, black bread will be all over Instagram feeds and in restaurants and food trucks.

6. Add “the next chia seed pudding”already now

In 2017 we will see more dairy-free yoghurt, many nut-based ones such as cashew and coconut. It’s out there but not so widely spread – stay ahead of the competition and introduce it now!


Rebecca’s Top 3 Food Experiences in 2016:

  • Restaurant Havefruen in Copenhagen, Denmark – Located in Nyhavn and easily mistaken for a tourist trap – it’s not! Havefruen serves only natural wines and the menu is short but fantastic.
  • Warung Dandelion in Badung, Bali, Indonesia – A very popular and inexpensive place I highly recommend – everyone who visits Bali need to check out Dandelion.
  • Ekstedt in Stockholm, Sweden– I had an Angus Beef hang for 268 days. It was so incredibly good, like eating a mixture of beef and foie gras at the same time…

Let’s summarize

  • The vegetarian food trend will continue to grow – with decreasing prices on organic food.
  • Already today we see a lot of focus on high quality ingredients. Dishes will be centered around ingredients – locally harvested and less processed. I personally love eating a super-tasty tomato by itself…
  • Meat will be more optional on menus – don’t take me wrong, there will of course still be a lot of meat out there, but today’s more conscious eaters care as much as about quality as about cuts.

LAGUNITAS #IPA… A beer with a bite!

A photo posted by The Lagunitas Brewing Company (@lagunitasbeer) on


Thank you, Rebecca! To stay on top of what’s hot and new in the restaurant world in Stockholm– follow her on Instagram, STOCKHOLM FOOD.