On October 16th the world’s first Food Tech Week will kick off in London. The idea is to bring big and small players from the food industry together with techies, entrepreneurs and innovators to discuss and address some of the challenges that lie ahead.

Being part of today’s food industry is exciting to say the least. Technological advances enable independent restaurants, cafés and food trucks to access the information and tools that only the big players were able to afford before. That’s one of the reasons why the London Food Tech Week is inviting food brands, startups and innovators of all sizes to discuss and tackle the challenges in the food and agriculture industry today.

So what’s in it for you as a small restaurant or café owner with aspirations to grow? Well, my guess is that the London Food Tech Week will be a crucial event for everyone that wants to listen to the latest developments and contribute to the progress of the UK food industry. And of course, it will be an amazing networking opportunity with high profile names attending like Richard Reed (co-founder of Innocent Smoothies), Camilla Dolan (MMC Ventures) and Chris Quilter (Co-founder of Cru Kafe) to name a few.

Victoria Albrecht and Nadia El Hadery, co-founders of London Food Tech Week explains the idea behind the concept: “Food is one of the most important economies in the world, and technology is essential to driving scalable, global and positive progress.”

Here’s my top list of event you should attend during th London Food Tech Week 2015:

Food Hackathon at WeWork Morgate on October 16th-18th
What and why: This will be the first innovation driven food tech event of its kind to take place in London. The Hackathon is about bringing together industry-leading brands with top talent to tackle challenges in the food and agriculture industry. Join if you happen to be a kick-ass developer, or, perhaps more likely – just a curious spectator.

Price: £ 10


Seedcamp X FoodTech at Google Campus on October 20th 6pm
What & Why: Seedcamp is a fund that invests in ambitious pre-seed stage or seed-stage startups. Join to get inspired by presentations and pitches by ambitious small businesses.

Price: Free


The Future of Coffee in a Tech Enabled World at Hoxton Hotel on October 23rd 9am
What & Why: Colin Pyle, CEO and co-founder of Cru Kafe hosts a morning live panel. Mr. Pyle and experts from around the world will discuss the impact of technology in the coffee industry and how it will change the future of it. Swing by,have your Friday morning java at Hoxton Hotel, and get prepared for the future of coffee.

Price: £ 5


London Food Tech Week #unwind: Drinks and Exclusive Closing Party at WeWork Southbank on October 23rd 7pm
What & Why: The grand finale. The week’s closing party will be filled to the rim with networking opportunities. Listen to closing remarks before the music kicks in and the dancing begins.

Price: £ 30