Christmas is coming, and with that – the most important sales period of the year for many small businesses. Have you prepared yourself enough for the increased demand during December? We’ve put together some tips on how to maximise your sales during this busy period.

Work with scents

Studies have shown that scents can increase spending with up to 20 %. Apparently, citrus scents like lemon and orange are the most efficient when it comes to feeling alert, fresh and focused. Pine is also an excellent choice for Christmas. Or, try gingerbread and mulled wine.

Show your true colours

Looking to make spontaneous sales by instilling a sense of urgency? If so, red should be your colour of choice. An experiment on Ebay showed that the bidding for Nintendo Wii-consoles were significantly higher when they were placed on a red background. Yellow is typically a colour connoted with attention and hunger, which is why red and yellow are used often at fast food restaurants.

Meet demand with extra staff

There’s nothing more annoying than waiting in line, especially during the Christmas shopping peak, when winter coats are making us sweat like athletes. Make sure you have extra staff during these few weeks, and remember to teach them everything you know before the storm arrives. Invest in those extra hours this winter – your knowledgeable employees can increase sales quite a lot.

Set the mood with the right music

As we all know, music can help us improve the overall experience. Fast, loud and energetic music might work in places where you want guests to move quickly, like in busy restaurants or hip cafés. But if you actually want your customers to take their time, feel comfortable and stay longer, there is scientific evidence that slow songs will do the trick (and it doesn’t have to be Christmas music).

Go contactless

While determined, Christmas shoppers are still in a hurry. If you can reduce the transaction time with just a few seconds, it helps a lot. Accepting contactless payments is a big part of this development, as there are already 75 million contactless cards in the UK alone. In September 2015, UK shoppers spent £758.6 million using a contactless card. The iZettle Card Reader Pro Contactless can handle all kinds of credit cards as well as contactless payments including Apple Pay. Try it out!