Instagram-fitness is the new meditation. Healthonism is the new mindfulness and working out with fashionable high-tech wearable is still thriving, as we forecast the most interesting health trends for 2016.

So what’s going to rock in 2016?

The sales of health devices doubled in the UK during last year, as studies suggest by Mintel. Even JWT’s recent report ‘The Future 100’ (listing trends to watch in 2016) finds a similar theme where millennials are ‘investing in wearable tech’. Other main health trends circuit about wellness pursuits, Instagram storytelling and Healthonism.

We expect 2016 to be even more tech-driven, sleep-friendly and hedonistic, as this lifestyle becomes the new normal. Here are our top 3 trends to watch over the next year:


2015 highlighted: Tracking all kinds of activities seemed appealing to the runners, the sleepers, fitness junkies and whatnots of 2015 and the most bought wearable device of the year were fitness bands.

2016’s got-to-haves: The wearable technology is still thriving in the market and this year’s wearables go beyond basic activity tracking and counting calories. Technology is adapting to our cognitive and intuitive needs. DIY-exercising at a low cost is still trending. We’re seeing:

  • Nuyu Sleep System: Aids in improving the quality of sleep adjusting the user’s body temperature to help relax before bedtime.
  • OMSignal OMbra: A smart sports bra which includes OMrun, a software that tracks distance, cadence, pace, heart rate, and calories, providing greater detail via its app.
  • Neatamo June bracelet: Measures sun exposure and offers advice on sunscreen application to prevent UV damage.

Why it’s bound to be hot: As were becoming more health-conscious, we’re willing to become even more connected, allowing wearables to sense our physiological, emotional and physical needs on demand.


2015 highlighted: Mindfulness, the meditative practice focusing on the present boomed during 2015, everyone was in the quest to find mental peace.

2016’s got-to-have: Millennials are put off by the health-conscious culture, surely things that make you feel good (regardless if they’re bad for you) should be embraced? This year welcomes the rise of exercise/boozing events. It’s the perfect balance of mashing fun with well being. Fitness club Equinox’s London Kensington location are doing it and hosts quarterly after dark events who are treated to a variety of yoga classes before the DJ sets in and cocktails are served.

Why it’s bound to be hot: Welcomes a wide spectrum of visitors, sparking interest in people who are on the lookout for being fit and bad simultaneously.

Instagram Fitness

2015 highlighted: Meditation apps peaked during last year and aligned with the mindfulness crowd, but we’re expecting a decline in 2016.

2016’s got-to-have: We’re seeing the rise of Instagram fitness celebrities. For instance, there’s Instagram fitness sensation Kayla Itsines (4.4 m followers) who provides virtual coaching and has created a powerful community of sharing stories with one another. Bound to pave the way for many more.

Why it’s bound to be hot: Targets all iPhone fitness junkies, allowing trainers to catch them right at their phones.


The 3 best health apps for 2016

RockMyRun: Adjusts your running music based on your footfalls or heart rate.

Charity miles: Donate money for charities every time you run, walk, or bicycle. Every penny counts!

Sleep better by runtastic: Monitors your beauty sleep and shows your sleep cycles, knows just when to wake you up while in a light phase.