The competition for qualified salon employees is tough. Adding hiring to your already busy schedule can easily become a time killer. We share some hands-on tips to find and hire talented and reliable people that’ll make your salon grow over time.

1. Create the coolest ad

A strong brand attracts talented people! When someone visits your website, check out your Instagram or give you a call – they get an image of your brand. Same goes with your job ad.

So put some extra effort into creating an ad that’s really attractive! Why not record a quick video where you (or one of your charismatic colleagues) announce that you’re looking for the team’s next superstar?

Friends, colleagues, your social media pages, beauty school – – use ’em all to tell the world you’re recruiting!

Do you find a video too quirky, are you more into traditional ads? Look at other posts for similar jobs at Indeed or Gumtree. Look at the style and wording, make sure to include common keywords – so candidates searching the web will find your ad.

Today unknown candidates – tomorrow your new favourite employees building customer loyalty?

2. Advertise in different ways

Start by asking your network and see if your friends and colleagues know someone who is looking for a job. Secondly, use your Facebook, Instagram and website.  Approach beauty schools and hair academies and get access to their job boards. And don’t forget the number of different forums where you can push your job ads. We like

3. Don’t rush

Wait, sit down for a moment and ask yourself: Do you really need a person? How is urgency affecting you? Recruiting new people is an important decision – so don’t rush it. Ask yourself:

  • What skills do you have and what skills are missing?
  • What kind of salon culture do you currently have – and do you like it? How do you want it to be?
  • Will the candidate make your customers feel special and unique?

4. Speak on the phone – first

Don’t waste your time of inviting too many applicants for interviews – run short telephone interviews as a first screening process. You’ll get a feel for their verbal skills – and how punctual they are. Will they call you on the very time you agreed on over email?

5. Find someone with the right attitude

Personality is key. You want team members with values that align with your business – such people will much easier respond to different situations in the salon. Below are two questions you can ask to figure out the attitude. We assume you’re looking for that caring and service-minded personality that will make all your customers feel special and unique.

  • What is important in the candidate’s work life?
  • What makes him or her go up in the morning and go to work?


More tips to come in the next episode, stay tuned!