Your salon is growing and you need new team members. But how? And who?! The second episode in our ‘Hire a superstar employee to your salon’-series delivers 6 tips on how to interview future employees!

In Hire a superstar employee to your salon – Part 1 we listed tips for how to find talented people. Let’s assume you have and it’s time for the fun part, to meet the candidates who ultimately will become the new stars helping building your business.

You have most likely been to a number of job interviews yourself. It’s quite a different situation when you are the interviewer yourself. Keep in mind to:

 1. Be nice – don’t roast them

Remember the importance of treating all candidates well – after the interview they immediately become ambassadors for your salon and your brand. Always reach out and follow up every candidate who has 1.) applied for a job and 2.) indeed been to an interview. Yes, we know, it’s so easy to let it slip away. But we also know exactly how neglected you feel when being the person who went to a job interview and never received a response.

Keep your trade tests organised and structured – it’ll make it easier to compare and evaluate the skills of candidates afterwards.

2. Spot passion

A mild level of nervousness indicates excitement. Someone trembling of fear or sweating furiously probably won’t be a pro at taking care of your customers.

Does the candidate seem knowledgeable, does he or she know what treatments you’re offering, what’s unique about your salon? Ask what kind of impression he or she has of your salon. It can be as simple as once again asking why he or she has applied for a job at your salon.


3. Test your candidates equally

This one’s a given for anyone searching for professionals in the hair and beauty field. But don’t forget to keep your trade tests organised and structured.

  • Is the candidate arriving early? Showing up in a time is a sign of being reliable.
  • Is he or she sticking to the specified time of the treatment?
  • What’s quality like of the treatment or service? 
  • Retailing is often key – does the candidate encourage home use of products in an honest and relevant way?

Use a a checklist summarising the skills you’re looking for. That way it’ll be easier to compare and evaluate candidates afterwards.

How to boost your customer loyalty? Recruiting people that will build personal relationships with your customers!

4. Ensure looks that kill

Remember that your customers look up to you and your staff for inspiration – so candidates should be role models when it comes to looks. Is he or she well-groomed? How are the nails? Does the way he or she is dressed align – or even elevate – with the overall impression of your salon?

5. Get references

Ask the employee about previous employers. It’s so easy to pick up the phone and give a quick call to 2-3 people who have experience of working together with potentially your next employee. Maybe the candidate has shown impressive skills but didn’t click at all with any of his or her previous employers or colleagues?

It’s super easy and done quickly – give a quick call to some people who have experience of working together with potentially your next employee.

6. Stay off emotions

Seriously, this is an important one. Maybe you pity the person you’re interviewing. Or maybe you get a crush – because he or she is dauntingly attractive with tons of charisma… Always act empathically, but don’t let it affect your decision. You’re looking for a talented person with the relevant set of skills and the work ethics that go along with your salon. Not a new friend, someone to help – or someone to date.

What are your learnings from recruiting new members to your salon? Let us know at!

Still feeling confused? Hairdressers can find more info at The National Hairdressers’ Federation, the largest trade association for hairdressing, barbering and beauty salon owners. For general guidelines around working hours, salary and more, check out National Careers Service’s Hairdresser section.