Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and if you’re planning to celebrate this obvious business opportunity, you should definitely go all in. Here are a few ways to make Valentine’s Day a memorable – and prosperous event.

Be tacky

This is the one holiday that you can really push the boat out in terms of outrageous decorations and get away with it. Head to the Pound Shop and stock up. The novelty will have curious customers streaming in and eyeing up your goods at the same time. Involve your staff and let everyone come up with ideas. The more the merrier. And if you’re too hipster to try it out have your kids cut out cute paper hearts, blow up balloons and create pink magic.

Spread the word

This day could turn out to be a serious financial success, but in order to whip up a crowd you’ll need to work your social media channels with all the power you’ve got. Create a Valentine’s event and promote it by running Facebook ads for a number of days. Set a fixed budget to stay in control of the costs and check back in after to see if it was worth it, then roll out similar campaigns for other holidays like St. Patrick’s Day or Guy Fawkes.

Mix it up

Use this day as an opportunity to change your business strategy. Try out things you have been wanting to try for ages. Are you a bakery that specialises in bread but always wanted to test selling cupcakes? This is the perfect opportunity to go for it.
Use your imagination to develop special offers or products to help grow your business.

Charge more

It goes without saying – you can charge more on special occasions like this. Charge slightly more than you normally would. But don’t overdo it – you don’t want people to feel that they’re being ripped off. Use the money you make for those Facebook ads you ran, or extra staff for the event. You want to make sure people see where that little extra is going.

Get smart

Don’t double up on anything and lose out. Get smart about how to make the most out of the day while continuing to make a profit. What about considering charging guests for the set menu already at the time of booking? That way, you’ll increase your cashflow, while your guests will feel comfortable spending more money on the spot for wine and drinks.

Set the mood and have them gagging for more

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for you to widen your target market – make sure you set the mood to keep them engaged and make them into returning customers. Put together the ultimate Valentine’s playlist, stream romantic movie scenes on one of your walls or offer them a glass of sparkling wine, or heart shaped chocolates upon arrival. It won’t be forgotten.