Are you in the beauty business and looking for a cheap but effective channel to showcase your work in? Then Instagram can very well be the perfect solution for you. We had a chat with makeup artist and body painter Erika Marie Bhriain about how she’s using Instagram to promote her work.

Edinburgh-based makeup artist and body painter Erika Marie Bhriain is your everyday Instagram whizz, noted for her groundbreaking skills and beautifully taken photos of her amazing work. She has crafted an Instagram persona by bringing content, community and commerce together.

Body painting by Erika.

”There are many perks. Social media is such a massive part of today’s society whether people like it or not. Personally, I love how it allows you to connect with brands and artists from all over the world. I have been introduced to many new brands through the platform and I count myself very lucky to have such supportive followers. My followers are very makeup/art inspired so they tag friends in my pictures and tag me in things they think I would like. It’s great as it opens my work up to a larger audience as well as inspiring me through other artists work. Brands are very active on social media also and often repost work done by artists which again opens them up to a large audience”, said Erika.

Makeup artistry at its best.

What are your tricks to up your Instagram persona?

”I just like to challenge myself to come up with new content as often as I can. Of course you will have days when you don’t post but I try to keep those to a minimum. Photo quality is very important to best show off the makeup that you have done. It is frustrating to you and to your audience when you spend an hour doing something and then aren’t able to capture it in a photograph. Listing the products you have used is very good too, as it allows people to recreate things you have done.”

What does it take to run a successful account on Instagram as a makeup artist?

”Be consistent with your work and do what feels right for you but don’t forget about what your followers are interested in. Pay attention to feedback that you get and always strive to do better than before. Always post things that you are proud of and don’t get discouraged if things don’t go according to plan. Make time to get creative and create content.”

Brands are very active on social media and often repost work done by artists, which opens them up to a large audience.


Erika’s advice in short:

1. Try to show off your work in the best way possible, by using lighting, angles and focus in photographs.
2. Constantly challenge yourself.
3. Stay focused. You want someone to be able to visit your page and know instantly what i it is about.


More inspiration? Find it here at Erika’s website.