A good cafe owner knows a tasty sandwich can be the glorious highlight of a worker’s day. Getting that balance just right between too much and too little butter is a skill that can only be honed after years of hard craft.

Your sandwich making skills may not be in question, but how do you know how much you should charge for THE sandwich that has made you a living legend in your local area? Should you go all out and charge as much as possible or should consider the average price in your local area before pricing?

If you fancy a bit of publicity (or even getting your name in the world record books) then you may want to consider the extraordinary pricing strategy Paul Phillips from Tangberry’s Cafe in Cheltenham adopted. In 2013 Paul set a new world record by charging £150 for his special bacon sandwich according to the Daily Mail. That’s some sandwich!

However, if sandwich pricing fame is not your thing, you may be more interested in benchmarking your lunch menus against your competition. And this is where we at iZettle can help out!

We’ve got shed loads of data to share from the past couple of years where all sorts of cafes, restaurants and pop-up owners have used iZettle to take card payments for their sandwiches up and down the UK. So we’ve put together a map that shows the average price of sandwich in major cities.


In the upcoming weeks, we’re going to share more of this data. We’ll also be give you more tips on pricing and highlight the key current food trends.

In the meantime, why not treat yourself to your favourite speciality sandwich? After all, you’re the expert!