Valentine’s Day is only a few days away now, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go all in this weekend to boost your sales. Girlfriends, boyfriends, Tinder-dates and the rest of all love-searching Brits will be aiming to look their best on Sunday.

Here’s how to go about enticing and delighting your clients on Valentine’s Day!

Lovers <3 deals

What hearty treats and deals will you be offering the 14th? Everyone loves a good deal. And don’t forget to let your precious customers know about your special deals – Facebook is a fast & easy channel to reach many clients.

Tip: Pampering goes before chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day. Consider offering special combination packages catering to the love doves. Create Valentine’s Day gift suggestions such as ‘2 for 1’ deals plus Champagne and treats.

All hearts decor

Get in the festive mode and do a quick makeover of your salon, using the celebratory day’s colours and shapes.

Tip: The colour of love is red. So there’s your colour choice. Heart, roses and other classic love-inspired decorations should definitely be fronted in your salon. But try to go beyond that: what will you be wearing? what music will be played? Think about the whole experience. Go further!

Romantic hair makeovers

Everyone will be wanting look their best and get dolled up for their V-day dates.

Tip: Offer an all inclusive package with hair styling, colouring, trimming and treatments. Nail your V-day hairdos by clicking here for more inspo.

Loyal customers are your Valentines this year

Nurturing your customer loyalty boosts your business’ revenue. As a token of your appreciation – reward your customers in as many ways possible.

Tip: Today, send a VIP email or text message to your most loyal customers with a list of special deals and discounts (e.g gift cards, special Valentine’s promotions etc.) specially available for them.

Last minute gift cards

Ironically, last-minute shoppers are the ideal customers for you. Be a hero and help the lost souls that forgot about the big day – gift cards could be the perfect present for a loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Tip: Create physical gift cards and sell at your salon. Electronic gift cards might be popular, but there’s one downside, and that’s that they’re electronic. People want to give away physical gifts on an occasion like Valentine’s Day, not an URL address.


To-do list:

• Notify your regulars about your V-day deals (emails, text message, Facebook)
• Valentine themed decorations and be sure to promote your special deals!
• Offer romantic hair makeovers
• Reward your loyal clients by offering discounts
• Help out the last minute buyers and offer an instant gift gard