Luscious locks and a nice beard for the Christmas holidays are an obvious way to spend some extra money in December. But while Christmas gifts are purchased early in the month, hair seems to be a last minute thing.

Going the extra mile for the Christmas celebrations? Yep, most people are doing it, so make sure you nail those valuable bookings in December.

The great thing about being digital is being able to analyse tonnes of data from iZettle’s many small business customers all over the world. For your benefit, we have combed through the sales statistics for eight European countries in the Health & Beauty sector.

In fact, we’ve even narrowed it down to the hair salons and barbershops of the UK, in order to make some timely predictions for December 2017.

December holds potential for up to 40% more transactions compared to November.


When is the final cut?

First of all, it comes as no surprise that hair salons and barbershops enjoy much higher revenue in December. As an example, statistics from previous years indicate that December holds potential for up to 40 % more transactions compared to November in the entire hair and beauty segment.

Notably,  their sales curve looks like retail – in reverse. While Christmas shoppers tend to start early in December – sales peak during the first weekend – many groomees wait until the last few days before Christmas to get their fix. December 22nd and 23rd were the top money makers of 2016.

Interestingly, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays all stand out as equally strong, and the increasing curve follows those peaks. Week One is good, Week Two is slightly better, and Week Four is the best. Knowing this may help you get staffed up in time.

Week One is good, Week Two is slightly better, and Week Four is the best.

Stay in bed on Sundays and Mondays

That being said, Sundays and Mondays are very slow. If you can’t manage to guide bookings to those days in order to relieve pressure on the peak times, you might as well keep the doors closed for some well-deserved rest once in a while.

While the days following Christmas are slow, there may be some New Year’s Eve clients craving your expertise. December 28th31st could be decent if you keep costs down.

Some key dates based on 2016 sales stats

  • December 1st2nd: The first weekend may tell you a lot about how the month’s going to be. Prepare for increased sales during the following weekends.
  • December 10th: This Sunday could be the slowest day of the month, apart from Christmas Day. Reserve this day for special appointments, or stay closed.
  • December 21nd23rd: This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is your December peak, so be sure to staff up and plan some amazing gift sets.  
  • December 24th: Consider staying open this Sunday for the last minute appointments.
  • December 27th: Nah, give yourself a rest.
  • December 30th: The final weekend of the year may actually be ok – well, like a decent Monday at least.


Different industries experience different peak trading periods – are you in hospitality? Check out Deck the halls and shopping malls, because Christmas pockets are jingling earlier than ever and make smarter decisions for your restaurant or cafe!