We’re only weeks away from Christmas and there are more people looking for health and beauty services than ever. But to make the most out of this booming month, there are highs and lows you need to be aware of. We looked into the gold mine of iZettle data to tell you when you have to stay open and when you should stay at home and celebrate with the people you love the most.

How do you feel about Christmas and the inevitable December rush? Some of us embrace it and love the high pace – others rather feel stressed out by the most chaotic month of the year.

No matter who you are – the weeks in December make up an excellent (and crucial) opportunity to maximise sales during the accelerating weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday. In order for you to plan smart, we sat down and went through the growing pile of unique iZettle data. By looking at the number of transactions at hairdressers, tattooists and other health and beauty practitioners from last year – we’ve predicted the trend for this year’s December sales.

Make sure to be prepared for the last weekend before Christmas including the final rush on 21-22-23.

Our data shows the strong dominance of card payments.

Show them some (extra) love

Keep in mind that Christmas is an intense and stressful period. It means that you’re given the opportunity to increase your customer’ loyalty by giving them that extra love to leave a lasting impression.

Imagine that you’re out running around town on a Saturday – to tick off that never-ending Christmas gift list. To enter a calm salon with peaceful music and decorations and be served a glass of mulled wine or eggnog will most certainly have a soothing effect.

Have you stack up on supplies and popular products – and bought some beauty products that are perfect gift items?

The busiest day of the year is…

The review of our data indicates that it’s certainly not only the retail industry that’s experiencing crazy peaks in December. December 22nd last year turned out to be the day with the highest number of transactions of the whole year for health and beauty practitioners. Make sure to be prepared for the last weekend before Christmas including the final rush on 21-22-23.

Do you need to take in additional temporary staff? Have you stack up on popular products – and bought some beauty products that are perfect gift items? Remember that gift guides and strategic placement of the gift-friendly stuff next to the counter are not harsh marketing tactics in December. It’s simply a solution to the gift challenges of your customers.


christmas treats hairdressers izettle
Bring some treats to your stressed out customers!

And the slow ones…

Sundays in December! It can thus be a good idea to stay closed on Sundays and compensate for the extended hours on Saturdays and the last days before Christmas. Christmas Eve last year showed the same activity as New Year’s Eve. If you choose to stay open, inform your customers in advance through targeted marketing that you’ll be one of few salons that will


Key dates in December 2016

December 18th: Second most busy day in December
December 22nd: Busiest day in December!
December 24th: Reduce opening hours, slow day
December 25: Enjoy Christmas with your beloved ones
December 26: Sleep in and prepare yourself for the quick rush for New Year’s
December 27-30: Accelerating pre-New Year’s rush
December 31st: Sales equal to a regular Saturday – maybe stay open for some hours to cater the needs of the New Year’s guest

*The data is based on all iZettle merchants in the “hair and beauty”-category consisting of salons, tattooists and other hair and beauty practitioners.

Hana Aljoofri is a member of the media team at iZettle. She has already reserved an appointment with her hairdresser well ahead of the rush. Since her hair tends to get dry in December, she applies coconut oil once a week before going to bed.