Salon Name? Check. Location? Check. Potential clientele? Check. Solid business plan? Check. Well done. Still find yourself thumbing your nails on the table, going hmmm? What’s next?

Here’s a rundown on how a work space should be set-up, what essential equipment is needed, and the basic know-how in order for you to kick start your business with a bang. We asked Wendy Dudley-Evans from NailsXpress to share her most valuable lessons she’s learned and experienced as a nail technician. Dig in, make notes and profit from her knowledge. Here’s what every nail technician should know.

What equipment would you say is essential for a nail technician?

– A nail technician’s most important item is an acrylic brush, definitely the tool of our trade. Touch it if you dare! We will buy the best we can afford and usually these are rather expensive, around £40 each. A good desk at the right height and chairs is also essential in a salon. If the technician is mobile then a really good sturdy but lightweight bag or case is essential.

What is needed to start a nail salon?

– Above all else, MONEY! It takes a lot to start up a salon, you need to call in as many favours as possible. A lot of technicians tend to rent a space within a salon, as this is usually cheaper.


Wendy’s top 3 tips on how to run a nail salon successfully:

  1. Keep up to date with training, popular services and stock. Nothing is worse than running out of a client’s favourite colour to perform a task.
  2. Be helpful, approachable and a good listener, a smile and a welcome is a must.
  3. Get yourself an iZettle card reader, even if you’re mobile. As long as you have Bluetooth and a signal, it works anywhere! My best purchase ever, after my brush, was my iZettle card reader. It helps a lot when clients don’t have cash on them, being able to pay with a card is essential for any business. iZettle is perfect for my business and so easy to use.


Regardless if you’re just setting up your salon, barber shop or tattoo parlor – make sure you have a good solution in place for taking payments. Thanks to a partnership that we have with intelligentpos, you can now purchase a bundle with everything you need to get paid, including a card reader for taking card and contactless payments, a cash drawer, printer and more. Find out more here!