The editorial team at iZettle, and the creators of The Business Owner Blog.

Our story

At iZettle, we began small. We started our business with a few people and a lot of sleepless nights. But since then we’ve grown bigger and got better, and now we want to share what we learned along the way.

Information flows between us, all day long, but often we’re working too hard to make sense of it. So, that’s why we started this blog. We want to build a community of small business owners and employees. We want to give you a place to talk about your struggles, share your tips, and celebrate each other’s success. No article should take more than 5 minutes to read and you could learn something that changes the way you work forever.

Whether you’re on a bus, on a break or on the lookout for a new career — take a few minutes to read our blog and soon you’ll see that as a member of the small business community, you’re part of something wonderful.

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