‘Bean there, done that’ is an original podcast series packed with practical pointers for coffee shop owners – from the people who’ve seen it all. Join Nasos Papadopoulos as he talks to 6 of the coffee industry’s leading lights about what it takes to thrive as an independent. There’s insight from all corners of the coffee world, tips and advice on growing and scaling your business, and insider info on all the hottest trends.

If you’re looking to take your coffee business to the next level, grab a cup of your favourite coffee and hit play! You’re in for a treat.

Discover the qualities you should look for in a good barista and the learning curve to expect in your staff with Lisa Laura Verhoest, Barista Trainer and Account Manager at Climpson & Sons. You’ll also learn how to keep staff motivated and maintain their growth and development in your business, as well as the value of coffee qualifications and

Discover the mindsets and practices needed to run an ethical business that treats suppliers, customers and employees fairly with Lisa Lawson, the founder of Dear Green Coffee Roasters and the Glasgow Coffee Festival. You’ll also learn about the value of classifications like Fair Trade and organic and the benefits of sustainable practices that minim

Learn the coffee shop economics needed to make your business profitable and grow successfully in this episode with Andrew Tolley, the co-founder and head of coffee at Taylor Street Baristas. You’ll also learn the value of viewing staff as an investment rather than a cost, and the best way to maintain character in your shops whilst standardising pro

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