Being in the beauty industry means working with the stuff you love the most. But what’s up with those strange requests you sometimes get from customers? We asked our lovely iZettlers running a business in the Health & Beauty segment to list some of the oddest inquiries they received during 2015, and we got some pretty weird stuff… Have you heard these before?

1. A 80-year old gentleman wanted a red mohawk haircut

Well, it’s never too late.

2. A facial for a 5 year old

Well, it’s never too early.

3. “Change my style, but I don’t want it cut shorter and I love the colour I already have?!”

giphy (4)

5. “Cut my hair longer!”


6. “Hair like Game of Thrones-character Khaleesi, please!”

Actually, this makes total sense. Her hair is stunning!

7. To tickle their feet for 30 minutes

giphy (6)