Cashing up for expensive marketing initiatives isn’t exactly what you dream of when your new business is forming. That’s why small business owners need to be smarter than that and rely more on creative tactics in order to grow.

Start with the low hanging fruit. Here are some quick and easy must-dos of marketing.


1. Rub shoulders with the press

You want to be the nice guy that journalists like talking to. At least the local press should be part of your network. But never push your business down their throats.

2. Use Google+

I know you think no one actually uses Google+ anymore, but guess who does? Your dear friend Google Search.

3. Encourage reviews

Remind your customers to rate and review on Yelp, Tripadvisor and similar local sites. Just make sure your info and photos are updated.

4. Use Instagram as social media platform

There are several applications that let you post upon multiple social platforms, but Instagram is probably the easiest way. Connect it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare.

5. Produce awesome press images

A good photo is the difference between a full-page feature and a tiny news item. Make sure you force your photographer friend to snap some pics of you and your business.

6. Gather some information

Those cheesy business card fish bowls at the counters are actually quite clever. The customers get your brilliant newsletter and the chance to win something…sometime. You get exactly the information you want.

7. Approach companies

And hey, if you know where your customers work, you could also start approaching their companies for partnerships, barters, loyalty programs or events.

8. Value the trade shows

You should pay attention to conferences and trade shows where you can reach business people and decision makers, promote your amazing investment opportunities and snatch their business cards. Check out the most important events in UK in the coming 12 months here.

9. Reward loyalty

Loyalty programs work because everyone enjoys being special. Having someone recognizing your face while pouring exactly the kind of drink or coffee you were going to order makes the most stone-faced cynic blush. You may use smart apps, stamp cards, a credit tab on the wall or bulk discounts – either way, the best and cheapest marketing you can do is make your regulars come back next time as well. And bring their friends.


10. Join the race for 15 Seconds of Fame

Participate in our 15 Seconds of Fame competition. You get a chance to air in your own TV commercial on national TV! All you have to do is record and submit a 15 seconds long video showing your business’ best side. More info and inspo here. Go big or go home.