Perhaps you’ve already tried out some of the more obvious hacks from our previous blog post on marketing for small businesses. But don’t finish half way. Here’s the second part and the final 6 marketing hacks for your small business.


11. Control your hashtag

Help people out if they happen to share you with their friends. Let your username and preferred hashtag be visible for all customers at all times. And keep it #simple.

12. Use the boring channels

It’s generally heavily over-looked, but why not use your existing channels for marketing and loyalty? Receipts with discount codes, invoices with beautiful colors and email signatures with clever quotes – there are numerous cheap ways of utilizing your existing channels.



13. Offer free wifi

We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but please make sure you have a stable, reliable, fast and free wifi for your guests and customers. Free access to wifi means access to social media, and the higher likelihood of people posting and geo-tagging your business.

14. Instafy your business

Don’t forget that the best marketing is done by your customers. Everyone wants to Instagram, so give them something to Instagram about. Be creative: serve unusual food,  create a wall of fame of your best customers or simply make amazing cappuccinos – anything that’s worth sharing basically.

15. Be creative with your wifi password

“Qwerty12345” might sound like a great password at first glance, but try to get more creative with it. “Brownie+coffee4pounds” is a kick-ass password and sales message at once

17. Be funnier

Humor is usually the most important factor in a long relationship. Is someone in your staff considered funny? Let that someone make use of their skills to build long-lasting relations with your customers. Write newsletters, blog posts, book reviews, create recipes, produce silly GIFs or dress up in costumes at work. If people LOL they will share.