Marketing doesn’t have to cost millions! At iZettle, we’ve seen tons of great examples of small businesses doing wonders with small means. Inspired by this, we’ve put together a content series of simple, cost-effective marketing hacks that you can try NOW. Here’s the third part.

But wait! Do you need a quick recap of the first 17 marketing hacks? Find 1-10 here and 11-17 here. Then, continue to read…


18. Youtube your days

Like we’ve said before: if you have creative or funny people working for you, allow them to use and develop these skills on the job. If you have a Youtuber working for you, give that person your blessing to create funny clips of what goes on during the days. Social media followers love behind-the-scenes content!

19. Offer free exhibition space to upcoming local artists. Then, open your doors for spectators (and maybe even the press) to admire the art – and get exposed to your business.


20. Curate your insta-flow

Curated Instagram accounts are becoming increasingly popular. Why not invite other interesting people to take over your Instagram account for a few weeks? Or the opposite, that you curate someone else’s account.

Where's yours?
Where’s yours?

21. Stick it to them

Have you seen the cool kids these days? Their laptops are plastered with colorful stickers. Why not yours? Create your own here and go nuts!

22: Put discount codes or coupons on your receipts to encourage customers to come back.

23. Buddy up with the media

Do you have a decent venue for parties? We’ve already told you to rub shoulders with the press, but don’t stop there. Get in touch with your local websites, industry networks and lifestyle magazines. They’re bound to need venues to invite their members and readers to once in awhile. That’s where you and your venue enter the picture. In return: Both business and awesome visibility. And the potential to attract some influential returning customers!

24. Buy a custom made logo on Fiverr. Costs almost nothing, looks professional.

25. Order a custom stamp

Brand everything from coffee mugs to paper bags. Much cheaper than printing custom stuff.