It’s probably not on your to-do list and the mere thought of a duckface might make you cringe, but ‘the selfie’ is still alive and well. In fact, selfie marketing offers an array of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Ready to hop on the selfie bandwagon? If so, here’s how cater to consumers right through your camera lens.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to understand the impact of images on people. They appeal to the brain louder than words, swaying both logic and emotion. Storytelling and day-to-day images drives customer engagement. Linkedin vouched for the #workselfie earlier this year. So why not introduce the #entrepreneurselfie in 2016?

Why join the selfie game?

From an entrepreneurial point of view, an #entrepreneurselfie (let’s make it official!) can be a simple way to market your business and make a name for yourself. But go easy. See it as a quirky way of introducing your business in an up close and personal way, all at a low cost. Here are our tips:

The ‘Hi this is me’ selfie

Show off your personality! Who are you and what do you represent? Being personal and adding a face to your brand adds value. Provide a behind the scenes view of your days, take your audience with you, or promote public awareness by supporting a particular cause (such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge).

The ‘My craft’ selfie

Show off your craft – your audience is lined up to hear what you’ve got to offer. So what is it that you do? Hair styles, nails, make up? Take a selfie of yourself in action, doing your job. Even if it’s just a regular Tuesday for you, it’s a great way to promote and display your expertise and talent.

The ‘Why you should choose me’ selfie

Share your accomplishments. Are you attending an event or accepting a prize for your work? Results and storytelling captures followers and gives them a reason to choose your business. Self-promo is key to every entrepreneur, there’s no shame in that. The point here is that you want to create some buzz and a name for yourself. So make the best of the situations that give occasion to self-promotion that leverages your expertise. But be humble and weave your accomplishments with other content.

3 top apps to maximize your selfie game:

Finally, no more hands protruding in the corners of your selfie-shoot. A timer allows you to strike a pose and capture the real you, the ideal selfie!

Filter mania! Retrica features more than 100 filters and if that’s not enough, you can even create your own.

Double selfie deluxe! This is a genius app that uses the front and back cameras showing where you are and your best selfie face!