Restaurants would be nothing without their wonderful guests. But as we all know, some patrons can be a bit demanding sometimes… We asked some of our iZettle users working in restaurants for the weirdest orders they received during 2015. Here’s the result. Heard them before?

Top 10 weirdest restaurant orders of 2015 – here we go!

1. A customer asking for a well done steak tartar.

– Well, literally impossible. 

2. A customer once asked for a sandwich from the menu, but changed all the ingredients until it simply became another sandwich we have available. When we asked if instead she might want the cheaper option, she outright refused.

3. “Medium rare steak, no blood.”

– No matter how many (or few) Guide Michelin stars your restaurant has. If you’re able to cook a steak medium rare without any blood, you’re worth more stars than the sky.

4. “Anything Free? It’s my birthday!”

5. A guest asked for a funeral catering in 3 months time.

– We’re still confused about this one so we haven’t decided on a caption yet. Sorry!

6. A guest asking for a Sunday lunch on a Wednesday.

7. Chips and Mayo for a customers dog.

– Not very nutritious, Fido, but okay.

8. “I don’t suppose you have got any vegetarian pulled pork, do you?”

9. I was asked to serve a Nutella and goat cheese crepes.

– Probably the first and only time you read that food combination in your life. No go and wash your eyes.

10. Can I have black pudding in my cheeseburger?