What food trends can we look forward to in the year to come? We asked Helen Hollyman, New York-based editor in chief at Munchies, a fun and edgy food media platform under the Vice brand.

When people are not familiar with Munchies, how do you describe your concept?

− We’re a global food website dedicated to storytelling about contemporary culture through the lens of food.

What do you see as the most important global food trends at the moment?

− I think that clean eating has become part of the mainstream media focus as of late, as well as more vegetarian dishes.


What food destination should we keep our eyes on in the future?

− Myanmar.

Do you see vegetarianism and sustainability as trends driving global food consumption in a new direction?

− After the climate change discussions that took place this past December, I think that the notion of sustainability is going to become more and more integrated into a mandatory ethos – especially as global food supplies will decrease in the decades to come.

Are there any particular ingredients that you think will “explode”?

− Hard to say! I think it depends on what chefs think is interesting (case in point with Nduja last year).

Have you tried the new manufactured “meat” products?

− I have yet to try it (I think one burger is around $100,000 to sample) but I think that it’s great that someone is trying to find alternative ways to feed the world.

What future do you predict for the food trucks? Will there be even more exciting specialities roaming our streets, or is it a passing trend?

− I think that food trucks have been a really great outlet for chefs and business owners to create a mobile space and they don’t have to invest too much in it (compared to say, a brick and mortar spot). Not only is a food truck an interesting and small space to experiment, but it’s a great mobile way to reach a wider audience. I don’t think that food trucks will die out, but will continue to grow at the rate that they’ve been growing.