As a retailer, you’re no longer confined by common business hours. A web shop can help build some extra income while you’re sleeping, but there’s something else that can’t be acquired through great products or an SEO strategy.

We’re talking about loyalty, credibility and brand awareness. Retail success depends, to a large extent, on how well you can connect with your customers, give them value for money and make them feel special. So let’s forget about everyday admin for a while and see what you can do to fill your store with happy people after hours. Collaboration is key.

Singles can be great for your business. And imagine how they will talk about your store for years if there’s a perfect match!

1. Celebrate!

First of all, everybody loves a celebration. And it doesn’t have to be an epic anniversary, you could basically celebrate the new autumn collection, an environmental certificate, an employee moving to Australia or the fact that you’ve served your 10,000th customer.

Small events like this help you build your most important asset – the fan base. Collect email addresses, encourage people to like your Facebook page and connect with your customers on Instagram. Great music, a few bottles of sparkling wine and some shopping discounts could be all it takes to make an ordinary evening great for everyone.

If you’re in the mood for something bigger, why not book a local artist, a weird magician or the neighbourhood stand-up?

2. Singles nights

Sure, it may seem awkward at first sight, but if you scroll through your friends and their friends, there’s a whole bunch of amazing singles that would like to meet new people in an independent setting. For bookstores, this is a perfect opportunity to arrange book circles for single people. There are tons of great icebreakers in a bookstore.


Is your shop fueling a specific passion?

3. Hire an expert

Regardless of your retail niche, there’s always an expert (maybe it’s you?) – that you can invite to talk about a related subject while you offer great discounts. Invite some customers after hours and make them feel like VIPs. They can learn something new and walk away with great stuff – maybe you could get some sponsorship from your suppliers to make a goodie bag? Happy and loyal customers that spend a lot of time in your store = great ambassadors.

If singles nights are fun, date nights for established couples may be even more profitable.

4. Free tattoos

If you want to tap into the hip crowd, why not give them what they want? Make a barter deal with your local tattoo artist – new clients can be very valuable for tattoo artists − or just pay the rate for a few hours. Go crazy by promising ink for free, or communicate in advance that customers who shop for a certain amount get a complimentary tattoo of a certain size or value. It might even give you some well-deserved publicity, at least on Instagram. The #fomo will be strong next time.


You know how couples are – they only hang out with other couples.

5. Reward love

If singles nights are fun, date nights for established couples may be even more profitable. You know how couples are – they only hang out with other couples. That way they can talk about kids, renovations and mortgages without anyone rolling their eyes. Married couples have more money to spend, and they don’t rush away to another part of town just because they get a text.  

So why not celebrate love? It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day, you know. You could market the event as a date night, with the additional opportunity to shop for Christmas presents or wedding gifts.

As a bonus, team up with the local trattoria so that your customers get a complimentary glass of champagne if they show their receipt.

We know that when you run your own business, there’s only one thing on your mind. So if you want to work smarter, earn more and grow, we’ve got the tools to help – explore the world of iZettle!