Many new entrepreneurs tend to overlook the power of doing something completely different. Sure, it can be a little frightening to go against the stream, but why not give it try? We had a chat with someone who did exactly this, and succeeded.

Sivletto – a Swedish Rockabilly-50s-esque hair salon in Stockholm, is run by Anna-Karin Starnberg and Per Nordahl who set themselves apart from the rest by going niche and have done wonders attracting a specific demographic of customer – 50s aficionados need their haven too you know. From Rockabilly Grease – to 50s galore: we’d pay a visit for the experience alone. Sivletto’s founder & CEO Anna-Karin Starnberg met with us to share her insights and expertise.

How does your salon differ from the rest?

– Our aim is to offer our customers a unique experience, and that goes for everything: quality products, service and treatments. Our signature work provides classic hair and denim products with a retro twist. We have 10 years of experience and excellent hairdressers who specialise in executing classic hairstyles. We treasure our products and the staff is very knowledgeable and interested in the products’ history and manufacturing processes. This is at core of our foundation – we don’t want to contribute to the current ‘throw-away’ society.

So why did you go for a Rockabilly niche?

– I love the 50s! It’s all about fun times and the Rockabilly theme encapsulates it well. As a concept it was easier to nail it down to that particular style. Everything wasn’t all gold back then, of course! So it’s amazing having the possibility to cherry-pick your darlings!

Niche yourself!
Niche yourself!

What are the benefits of running a niched business?

– There’s definitely a sense of feeling secure when working in a clear framework. We don’t need to follow any trends or customary unwritten rules on how ‘business should be run’. But then again, it’s important to stay updated and have a sense of what the crowd wants. It’s also easier to provide the perfect customer service when a customer has an understanding of what you’re offering.


Why you should run a niched business according to Anna-Karin? 

  • Makes you stand out from the rest and helps you get noticed
  • Not as trend-sensitive as a regular salon
  • Easier to offer top notch service