Are you staying up to date with the latest food trends? If you’re looking to attract foodies and hipsters – you should be. The food and restaurant scene can move quite fast, so to stay ahead you need to make sure to get on board quickly.

By now you’re probably wondering “But why?”…

Well, let me explain.

Adding the latest trendy ingredients to your menu before your competitors can give you the edge you need to stand out from the rest. And you’ll not only win the business of trend-sensitive customers, but you may also be able to charge higher prices (remember our post from a few weeks back about setting menu prices?). Yup, we’ll bet this crowd is willing to pay a lot more for – say – a green Matcha apple juice than a plain apple juice.


If you haven’t been staying up to date lately, here are three up-and-coming ingredients that you should consider adding to your dishes.



Cross-breed vegetables are coming on all fronts, and kalettes is the hottest hybrid-veggie at the moment.

This cross-breed between kale and Brussels sprouts has been developed by a British vegetable company for over 15 years and is far more interesting (and tastier) than your ordinary kale.

Here you’ll find a graph showing the huge increase of web searches on Kalettes over the last couple of years.

Use kalettes in: pasta dishes, hearty salads, stir-fry or serve as a side order. 


Freekeh is replacing Quinoa as the grain with the name that no one can pronounce.

“Fari-kah” is a Middle Eastern grain made from green wheat and is a great option for those with diabetes.

The number of web searches on Freekeh has grown rapidly over the last years.

Use Freekeh in: any kind of salads, and dishes you would serve with couscous, quinoa or bulgur. 



Japanese Matcha Tea

Update your boring earl grey tea selection with Japanese Matcha Tea, hands-down the most talked about tea at the moment.

Commonly described as “green tea on steroids”, a single cup of Japanese matcha tea gives you the same nutritional value as 10 cups of ordinary green tea.

Similar to Kalettes and Freekeh, the number of web searches for Matcha has exploded over the last few years.

Use Matcha in: your tea selection, juices and desserts.