Our friends at Google have just released their top searches within the world of beverages. And, among familiar buzzwords like turmeric and cold brew, we’ve spotted several newcomers. Here are the trends you can’t ignore!

Google search terms reveal a lot of universal truths, from our darkest secrets (like the truth about sex, hate and prejudice in this article) to our deepest desires. As such, they’re a great way of finding an honest, unfiltered image of what our customers are looking for.

Here are the invaluable insights we’ve gleaned from Google’s latest investigation into the world of drinks.

Cold brew

America has been obsessed with cold brew for a long time now, but finally it’s gone mainstream in the UK too. And as popularity increases, more people search for ways to make their own.

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If your customers are googling cold brew coffee, then they may well be searching for these keywords too: nitro coffee, cold brew tea, infusion tea pot, raw vegetable juice — so make sure they’re represented on your menu.

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Google searches for plants and herbs are growing as people become health-conscious and acquire a taste for new flavours. Matcha, the powdered green tea that’s grown and produced in Japan, has an unusual earthy flavour that’s not completely sweet or savoury, and it’s a growing trend.

Other top tea searches include turmeric, rooibos, chamomile, hibiscus and dandelion tea, so make sure you stock up!

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Ginger infusions, juices and water are on the rise in all markets tracked by Google. Why? Because of ginger’s singular flavour and assorted health benefits, such as its antioxidant effect and positive impact on the digestion and immune system.


Tip! How can you create your own kind of ginger-packed drink? Keep in mind that ginger is particularly popular during winter and that Google reports top related terms to ginger are honey, lemon, turmeric and citrus.


Interest in sparkling water is up! As is the instance of searches into premium water bottles. In fact, carbonated water has been on the rise in the UK since the summer of 2012 and not surprisingly, the searches get a boost during summer.

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Do you want to know more? Access the full report at think with Google. And good luck!


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