Your business is probably already on Twitter, but do you actively work with your account? Here are a few easy ways to gain more attention for your tweets.

No image – no fun

You used to be able to post your Instagram images on Twitter and they’d be fully visible in your feed. Sadly, those days are gone – now, all you get is a link to the photo. BUT if you post an image on Twitter directly, it will appear in full size and you can tag it with people you want to address (just don’t be too spammy).

The best part is that these tags aren’t included in the 140 character limit (which, by the way may be expanding to 10,000 characters eventually according to recent business gossip).

For example: If you post a recipe photo, you can tag the ingredients you’re using. Or, if you’re posting a photo of a London sunset, tag it with @visitlondon and other interesting accounts to gain visibility.

As a matter of fact, tweets with images get 18% more clicks, are liked 89% more and receive 150% more retweets.

Emojis more important than you think

While some consider them the work of the devil, emojis are a natural part of written language for many people. A study from WordStream actually reveals that tweets with emojis have on average a 25,4% higher engagement than others.

Use tweets as search engine fertilizer

Twitter has re-established their partnership with Google, which means that your tweets can be seen in the Google search results. This is a very good incentive to tweet more often.

Hashtag carefully

Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement as tweets without them. But be gentle: if you use more than two hashtags, the engagement drops by an average of 17%.

You can skip the tongue-in-cheek hashtags that make no sense − use proper hashtags that people actually may search for. If some topic is trending, you can easily be a part of the debate with your own twist to it. Why not try a discount to everyone following a particular hashtag? Also, don’t forget to use hashtags in your profile text as well!

Useful and simple tools

With services like Buffer you can manage all your social media accounts and schedule your posts. This means you can follow a strategy and plan ahead, for example produce next week’s main tweets in advance. They also have free stock images that you can add your logo or text onto.

Twitter is a great additional tool (to Facebook) to use in order to actively position your brand. And even though communication consistency is vital for any brand, there are ways Twitter differs from Facebook. The speed all messages are travelling at on Twitter makes it more instant, and it also demands you to be more active in terms of number of tweets to post in order to get noticed.


Twitter hack of the day:

Do you find it difficult to limit yourself to 140 characters? We know the feeling – and we have the perfect hack for you. Write your message (how many characters you’d like) in Notes, Word or similar and then take a print screen of that window. Upload the picture to twitter and everyone will see the whole text. Here’s an example.