Applaud it or curse it – the holidays are soon upon us. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. But also to shop, eat and treat yourself. The next couple of weeks will be hectic for most businesses – but don’t fret. With some help from us and some proper planning, you’ll be able to get your business ready for the holiday season in no time.

Planning ahead can be tough. But here’s the deal. We’ve got tons of data from UK hairdressers, tattooists and all sorts of beauty and health practitioners that used iZettle to take card payments for their services last December. Based on this, we can predict when this year’s holiday sales are likely to be intense – and when business is expected to be a bit slower.

And the best part? We’ve decided to share these insights with you!

Sales day by day from December 2014.
Sales day by day from December 2014.

Wait for it …

The most obvious trend from last year is the steady increase in sales up until Christmas. In fact, businesses within the health and beauty segment had about 50 % more transactions in an average day in the week prior to Christmas, compared to an average day in the first two weeks in December. Also: a whopping 20 % of all transactions in December last year took place between the Thursday and Saturday just before Christmas!

Since Christmas spending isn’t expected to decrease this year, our tip is that you should be ready for the same pattern to occur this year. Make sure that you’re all set to serve those exhausted Christmas shoppers all the way to Christmas Eve. Stock up on products, and ensure that you’re fully staffed to meet the increased demand.

Stay open on Saturdays

Do you usually keep your salon open on Saturdays? If not, December is definitely the month to make an exception. Naturally, people get most of their holiday shopping done when they’re not stuck at work, and it also seems that this is when they take the time to treat themselves to some holiday pampering. Last year there was a very high demand for beauty treatments on Saturdays, and we’re betting it’ll be the same this year as well.

Christmas is stressful! Invite shoppers to get some rest in your calm oasis. Think: soft music, complimentary goodies, warm eggnog and decorations that are easy on the eye.

Plan your off days with care

Last year, Sundays were the least busy days – so this is probably when you should plan to do this year’s Christmas shopping as well. Mondays can be expected to be pretty slow too, in case you need more time and want to enjoy less hustle and bustle.

The ultimate Christmas calendar for 2015.

Mark these days in your calendar

December 5: Stay open
December 6: Take the day off
December 12: Stay open
December 13: Take the day off
December 20: Finish your own Christmas shopping
December 21-23: Be prepared for the final Christmas rush. Stay open late and be fully staffed.
December 24: Consider to stay open. Last year, many salons were closed on Christmas Eve, but the ones that were open had a lot of business.
December 25-27: Take time off to celebrate the holidays
December 29-31: Stay open to meet the demand for NYE pampering.


The December Checklist

  • Extend your opening hours and stay open on Saturdays.
  • Make sure you don’t run out of supplies toward the end of the month. The forecast says you’ll be more and more busy the closer we get to Christmas.
  • Do everything you can to make sure customers feel relaxed and comfy. Don’t go Christmas crazy; turn your salon into a calm oasis where stressed out shoppers can come for some peace.