Have you seen our 15 Seconds of Fame competition? This autumn we’ve let our users submit their own 15-second commercials with the chance to have them aired on national TV. 154 iZettlers entered. The creativity in the videos was truly astonishing! However, only seven commercials could make it to TV.

Summing up an entire business in just 15 seconds isn’t easy, but common for the winners of the 15 Second of Fame competition is that they all have a very sharp, consistent and easily communicated so-called “elevator pitch”. This week you can watch the winning ads by Peculiar Vintage and The Cat Doctor on the Sky channels in UK. Well pitched!

Can you sell your business in 15 seconds? If not, here’s why should work on YOUR pitch – even if you’re not looking for investors.

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To always be prepared

Does networking make you nervous? Memorise the best way to summarize your business, and you’ll never have to end up scratching your head at a conference again. Try to end your pitch with a twist (or some magic…) to make it more memorable.

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To locate your core

Force yourself to decide what the most important part of your business is. This doesn’t have to be your product or service. If you’re a newly started business, you probably haven’t thought much about your vision is mission. Please do. Maybe you’ll find out that you’re not just selling clothing, you’re actually selling smiles and happiness?

To strengthen your team

Make sure everyone in the staff knows your main business goals and “reason for being” in their sleep. Like at Fish Dog, your staff could be your best ambassadors. Write it down. Share.

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To sharpen your angle

Every business can’t be as unique as The Counter. But. Can you say what sets your business apart from others? Try your pitch on other people. If they seem confused or bored, you either need to spice up your pitch or dig even deeper. If your business is missing an edge, see this as a wake up call to find it!

What about the seventh winner?

The seventh and final winner has been chosen by the people. We’re announcing the People’s Choice winner tomorrow, so make sure to check it out! You can also see the other competing businesses and their awesome videos on the campaign site.