Your logo will be the first thing you and your customers see for at least 5 years. It’ll help building brand identity and brand loyalty – if it’s good enough. You simply want to make sure it’s perfect for your customers. Will they get it?

Do you tend to judge people based on the first impression? Most of us would say we don’t, but honestly speaking. Who doesn’t to some extent?

Same goes with your logo! It needs to consistently convey the identity of your salon over time. In other words, make sure to:

Hire a designer that’s familiar with the health and beauty business! Take a look at his or her previous work – and make sure those past clients have positive experiences.

Don’t underestimate the work behind the logo for your business. This piece of artwork is the visual identity for your business!

Your logo should visualize the ultimate benefit of your business. Okay, but what does that really mean? Well, do you want to be the new trendy salon in your neighborhood – or will you be targeting people looking for a quick trim? Describe your vision and your goals for your designer and listen to his or her suggestions. What makes you and your salon different from the competition and what’s your story?

Agree on how to work together – and try to give as clear instructions as possible. Establishing checkpoints and a deadline will help you get the visual identity of your company in a week – instead of months.

You might have a colorful personality – but be careful mixing it up with your logo.

When it comes to colors – don’t go too crazy. Five-color logos might look amazing but keep in mind that it can get really expensive when your logo later on needs to be printed on different types of media in signage, advertising, packing and so on.

Is your hair salon ‘cutting edge’ (of course it is!)? Remember that choices in the health and beauty industry are highly emotional. Your customers want to indulge themselves and to enhance their self-image. Create a logo that is appealing to them. Just glimpsing at the logo should make them refer to all attractive and exclusive hair products they will buy after the appointment.

Let’s summarize. It’s worth spending some extra bucks to find a designer that can boil down your ideas (interior, ambience etc.) into a logo that will match your business’ identity over time. Start off by mapping out your vision and mission. Good luck!

Have you already found “your” graphic designer? Make sure to get your social media efforts going, don’t miss our social media hacks in “Get started with social media for your salon“!

Your logo has a fraction of a second to make a good impression on not only customers, but also vendors, partners and every other stakeholder. It’s simply an essential part of launching and maintaining a successful business!